Paula Shipman-Roberts, CRNA, MNA (Coach, Author, and Speaker of Roberts Target Financials)

Paula Shipman-Roberts, CRNA, MNA

"Excessive Debt Is A Disease That Can Be Cured"

Paula Shipman-Roberts is a practicing Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA). She has been practicing her craft for more than 20 years at Level I trauma facilities in New York, Baltimore, and Washington, DC. She has worked in a Level I trauma center in Washington, DC, for the past 17 years. Paula owns and operates Roberts Anesthesia Services and has consulted since 2001. In addition to being a professional anesthesia provider, she is a certified financial coach and founder of Roberts Target Financial LLC, through which she coaches and educates individuals, families, students, and groups on how to make positive, healthy financial decisions and foster realistic relationships with money.

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Welcome to Roberts Target Financials (RTF). We are excited that you are taking your first steps toward financial freedom with us. Paula Roberts founded RTF to help reshape the mindset around debt. Debt is a Disease that can be Cured. Like any physical disorder, debt has to be controlled or it will consume every aspect of our life. Our body’s homeostatic mechanisms regulate the body to maintain a constant, steady state of systems, like blood pressure and blood sugar. However, the body’s response to persistent disease is death, which is usually in the form of tissue death.

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Excessive Debt Is A Disease That Can Be Cured

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