Paula Shipman-Roberts working with individuals

About Roberts Target Financials LLC

Welcome to Roberts Target Financials (RTF). We are excited that you are taking your first steps toward financial freedom with us. Paula Shipman-Roberts founded RTF to help reshape the mindset around debt. Debt is a Disease that can be Cured. Like any physical disorder, debt has to be controlled or it will consume every aspect of our life. Our body’s homeostatic mechanisms regulate the body to maintain a constant, steady state of systems, like blood pressure and blood sugar. However, the body’s response to persistent disease is death, which is usually in the form of tissue death. For example, if a person experiences high blood pressure, the body’s compensatory mechanisms—the renal, central nervous and cardiovascular systems—react immediately to create normalcy. If the blood pressure isn’t controlled, it leads to heart attack, stroke, and diabetes, which not only affect the person’s life but also the lives of loved ones. Likewise, debt can cause financial death and affect the lives of our loved ones. When in debt, we attempt to up-regulate our responses so that we can continue to tread financial water while swimming in the deep end. But doing so tires us and exhausts our resources until we can no longer respond. At this point, disease sets in and we seek a compensatory mechanism such as borrow money, use credit cards, get loans, and/or overextend ourselves on goods and services to cope with our circumstance and restore our finances to a normal, steady state. However, the inability to create financial stability causes short falls in our present and future finances, which not only affects us but also the lives of our loved ones.

It has become an acceptable phenomenon to live in debt. However, we here at Roberts Target Financials empower you to say "NO". Debt liberation changes how we impact our lives, that of our family, our community and the depths of our giving. We need to ask ourselves:

- Where do we want to be in 5, 10, and 15 years from today?

- Will your present financial state get you there?

- What legacy do you want to leave behind?

In our 12- week program, we are committed to becoming your accountability partners, and helping you to eliminate your debt. We will provide you with the tools and resources that can aid you in lessening your financial short falls, taking back control, and the impact of your money.

Stop worrying about your financial future and take control today.